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2015 Track & Field

Southern Section

Four Events Covered in the 2015 Track & Field Season


2015-05-23-31-D4 (Thank you)

Race videos of every track event.
Feature frame-grabs and results.


2015-05-16-24 - Feature frame grab for CIF Prelims

Lots of D-3 coverage but we’re way behind on editing D-1 and D-2. No D-4 at all.  Haven’t gotten to the field events, yet.

hdRunners Filming Calendar for 2015 Track & Field Season




May 23 (Sat)

CIF-ss Finals

Cerritos College

May 16 (Sat)

CIF-ss Prelims

3 of 4 locations

April 10

South Pasadena Tiger Invitational

South Pasadena H.S.

March 28

Pasadena Games

Pasadena City College

South Pasadena Tiger Invitational

2015-04-10-PV (Feature frame grab for event)

Almost all of the track event videos posted along with a few field event videos.

Pasadena Games

2015-03-28-10 (Feature frame grab for meet)

Race videos of all the varsity-level nighttime track events.

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