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2018 Cross Country:  We are now focused on producing races from CIF.  We will finish the season’s remaining races as we complete the CIF releases.
2018 Track & Field :  Releases for track & field are suspended.


This website’s YouTube links are current as of 08/10/2017.  Yes, it has been more than a year.

2018 Cross Country Season

2018 Cross Country Season





Friday Sept 7

CoolBreeze Invitational

Rose Bowl (Pasadena)

4pm - 10pm

Fri/Sat Sept 14-15

Woodbridge Invitational

Silverlake Sports Complex

Two days, 50 races
THE early season meet

Sat Sept 29

Stanford Invitational

Stanford University
Golf Course

2 loops on the grass

Sat Oct 6

Central Park Invitational

Huntington Beach


Sat Oct 13

Bell Gardens Invitational

Cerritos Regional Park


Fri/Sat Nov 9-10

CIF Prelims

Riverside City XC Course


Saturday Nov 17

CIF Finals

Riverside City XC Course


Next Up .....

2019 Track & Field Season





Sat Feb 9

Winter Championships

Arcadia High School

Pre-season highlight.

Fri/Sat March 9-10

Redondo Nike Track Festival

Redondo Union
High School

Two days, 100+ races
THE early season meet

Fri/Sat March 15-16

California Relays

Wilson High School
Long Beach

Sprint-heavy schools.

Saturday March 23

Mt. Carmel Invitational

Mt. Carmel High School
(San Diego area)

You get a glimpse of the talent to our south.

Fri/Sat March 29-30

Trabuco Hills Invitational

Trabuco Hills High School

Track event videos only. Releases after season ends.

Fri April 5

Tiger Invite

South Pasadena High School

Video releases of track events only.

Saturday April 13

Orange Country Championships

Mission Viejo High School

Track event videos released after season ends.

Championship Season

Sat May 4
(all day)

CIF-ss Prelims

D1 - Trabuco Hills High School
D2 - Moorpark High School
D3 - Estancia High School
D4 - Carpenteria High School

We cover every track athlete in every race at all 4 locations and all field events.

Sat May 11
(all day)


El Camino College

We cover every track athlete in every race at all 4 locations and all field events.

May 17 or 18

CIF-ss Masters

El Camino College

The Best of the Best from Southern Section.

CIF-ss is allowing us to cover all the events.  There will be no restrictions on Prelims releases so we will release those more quickly than Finals and Masters.  Finals will slowly leak out over the summer due to exclusive rights held by NFHS.  We appreciate that NFHS has allowed us to cover CIF-ss on an archival basis.  NFHS will be streaming CIF-ss Finals LIVE.

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