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About Us


hdRunners is the lead member of a family of websites operated by a volunteer.  These websites do not accept advertising or generate revenue of any kind. Their sole purpose is to document high school running events (cross country and track) in Southern California.  The documentation can include race results, pictures, stories and race video.

The content is available to all third parties free of charge as long as their use is in the best interests of the athletes portrayed.  We encourage news organizations, especially those in the running news arena, to take advantage of our sites as a resource.  No credit is required.

The family of websites currently includes three websites.  These are organized in tiers.  The top tier, hdRunners, covers CIF Southern Section invitationals and championships.  The middle tier is focused on league action within the Southern Section.  We currently have one website in this tier that covers the Rio Hondo League (in the San Gabriel Valley).  The bottom tier is focused on a single school.  We currently have one website, SanMarinoRunners, which covers one of the Rio Hondo League schools.

We are interested in partnering with operators of other school and league websites that fit into this same operating model.  Interested parties should contact


About Our Videos

We take a LONG time to release videos.  Keep in mind that our objective is to make the best running videos that we possibly can.  We design these videos to be viewed on a big screen and viewed from a comfortable chair, much as you would view your favorite television episode or football game.  So, set aside 15-20 minutes to watch some of the best high school athletes in America.

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