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About Us

About hdRunners

You have made your way to the hdRunners website where we aim to catalog all the videos; year-by-year, season-by-season of high school Cross Country and Track & Field that we have produced.  hdRunners is committed to covering every athlete in every race and posting the resulting race videos, in their entirety, on free video libraries such as YouTube  Race videos on our YouTube channel number in the 1000s so having an organized way to search them is sometimes helpful.  We’re not very good at being prompt with website updates except on the main page.  There, we try to be timely in that we give you the meets that we are covering in the current season and are pretty good at giving you links to view results and pre-race links for parking and directions to the meets.

hdRunners is the not-for-profit arm of a very small autonomous robotics developer by the name of Quiet Machines (QM).  hdRunners receives no revenue from outside sources.

From time to time, viewers ask if they can use the content of these videos for banquet videos and other purposes where they are combining footage into a private collection. Here is the rule on that.  It is actually two rules.  If the content is a CIF meet (the championship meets), you can use up to 2 minutes from any videos.  That is considered “fair use”.  BUT, you cannot make fun of anyone or damage them in any sequence.  You need to be a grown-up if you use our footage.  If it is not a CIF event (all invitationals), you can use as much of the race as you want.  In no case do you need to credit hdRunners.

We are interested in working with parties looking to take production of races in areas outside of Southern California to public access video sites.

Have a question about the website or our involvement in high school athletics?  Contact

About Our Videos

We take a LONG time to release videos.  Keep in mind that our objective is to make the best running videos that we possibly can.  We design these videos to be viewed on a big screen and viewed from a comfortable chair, much as you would view your favorite television episode or football game.  So, set aside 15-20 minutes to watch some of the best high school athletes in America.

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